Waffen-SS camouflage Uniforms, German WW2 items shown are AUTHENTIC WW2

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Waffen-SS camouflage Uniforms

Waffen-SS camouflage Uniforms

My WW2 Collection is available for purchase and will be sold in its entirety,

Price is € 455.000

German WW2 Uniforms, Helmets and Military collectibles

show strictly as historical artifacts and for historical reference only.

These War Relics, now WW2 German Military Collectibles,

were Allied Soldiers WWII War Souvenirs.

I do not intend and do not represent any political views




No individual items for sale now, no exceptions, I will not “part-it-out” yet.
After …. I might break-up ww2collection and start selling single items

WW2 Collection – history – WORLD WAR II – 1939-1945

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historical WW2 Military Uniforms and Militaria

USA, England, Germany and Japan, from my personal collection.

The Allies liberated Europe in 1945 from the Nazi’s

I have been collecting Authentic World War II uniforms and militaria since the 1960’s as a hobby.

My goal was to collect Authentic WW2 Relics of all involved parties Allies and Axis in the best possible condition.

I do not intend and do not represent any political views.

WW2 German (Nazi) uniforms, signs etc are shown  as well as of historical facts;

These German WW2 Relics, War Booty, captured and brought back home as War Souvenirs by the Allied Soldiers who fought in World War II,

are very rare and valuable historical WW2 German Military Collectables now.

I finished my WW2 Military collecting hobby in the 1990’s,

accepted offers/bids  from those interested in buying items from my collection

and sold my WW2 Allies collection

incl  my Allies WW2 uniforms mannequins;

I also sold an important part of my WW1 – WW2 German collection,

25 WWII uniforms mannequins I have sold then.

_ _ _ _ _ _



shows a part of my collection I decided to keep in the 1990’s,

which I still have and this WW2 Collection is eventually available for purchase

and will be sold in its entirety at one time as a whole lot.

If interested in purchasing my ww2collection Price is € 455.000

based on the ww2collection items shown on my various bIogs.

No list of or price for individual items, no inventory lists.


WW2 Collection items are Authentic WW2,

Original pre-May 1945 manufacture.

No individual items for sale now, no exceptions, I will not “part-it-out” yet.

Just in case my Collection as a whole remain unsold I might consider selling items individually after……..

All sales are final;

This is a private sale of my personal Collection without guarantees or return policy